Music by Andy Cartwright                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Seabuckthorn is an alias used for the solo work of English acoustic guitarist & multi-instrumentalist Andy Cartwright.

Cartwright uses the techniques of finger picking & bowing combined with various open tunings to form a mixture of approaches, often with layered accompaniments. Generally the songs lean towards to the experimental genre, whilst on the edge of the ambient and folk.  

Having grown up in Oxfordshire, Cartwright studied sound engineering in Cornwall and then lived in the cities of London, Paris & Bristol. He now resides in the southern Alps where the mountainous landscapes offer enough inspiration to produce & record music.

Cartwright has been actively touring internationally for several years performing in festivals and events throughout Europe.

Various songs have featured in documentaries, film and contemporary dance.

Previous albums have been released on record labels such as Dead Pilot (UK),
Bookmaker Records (FR), La Cordillère (FR), Lost Tribe Sound (US) and a collaboration with electronic/ambient artist Loscil was released by Thesis Project (US). Sonido Polifonico (UK) also released a split with guitarist Dean Mcphee.  

The most recent album Crossing is focusing on ambient atmospheres created by bowed resonator guitar and ocassionally Banjo, Clarinet, Bass Synth & Percussion. It was mastered by Matthew Collings and is released on Eilean Rec. (FR)

Recent reviews for Crossing :

"Cartwright's sliding chords feel glacial and immense in a way that is not human. It is both weirdly meditative and eerily hallucinatory and it resembles nothing else that I have ever heard."
- Brainwashed

"Leaves his listener to quasi-Tarkovskian mental and cinematic images."
- dMute

"Its a music that is off the main roads of established musical genres, but it is a powerful music with its own spark and form. This might well be some of the best music you have never heard"
- Fatea Magazine

"At once drone, ambient or blues, the music defies genres and clichés to forge its own fascinating and changing trajectory. Cartwright develops a perfect mastery of space in these productions both dreamy and visceral. Quite simply, one of the albums of the year."
- Dive Into Sun

Listen to Crossing HERE